What to do when you miss out on the party…

From time to time in my life, I have been known to take a good idea and go a “skosh” too far. This would indeed be one of those times!

Due to my current state of underemployment, I normally find myself with availability wide open, it’s rare I can’t move one of my 4 jobs about to accommodate something fun… Today is the first time in fact, that I can think of for quite some time.

Knowing that today is the big Celebration of Bacon – I was attacked by a fit of genius that was only a touch crazy. I made my mind up yesterday that I would have some kind of bacon today – just because.  I got it into my head that I wanted to try the famous bacon cupcake from Zuppas. Unfortunately, that was not possible .. so I thought. Heck, I can just make myself some maple bacon cupcakes.

As I wandered about Festival, I decided to take it one step further and make chocolate covered bacon maple cupcakes. So off I went to my mother’s to take over her kitchen. Below is how it went….

Step one - Cook up a Vat - O- Bacon

At this stage  I am still in the mode of  “This is quite possibly one of the strangest things  I have done”

I'd like to thank the "Girls" Betty, Jemima & Pam

The bacon fried, it was time to mix up a cake. I by no means make anything from scratch, so I do fall back quite a bit on my kitchen assistants.

Point of no Return

The question of how to turn my butter batter into fabtastic maple bacon cupcakes was an easy one to answer. Add some syrup and a spoonfull of bacon drippings to the bowl.

I decided to go a bit all over the place in cupcake shape and size. It started as a test pan with the minis. a dollop of syrup in the bottom of each.

Starting out small

On the top of every other cupcake I added just a bit of bacon. A bacon baby step if you will. Into the oven they went, and  I started scooping out the rest. Once all the trays were in the oven it was time to do some dipping.


I put the dipped bacon in the fridge to chill overnight and then got lost in the music pumping in from my playlist (tonights random mix – Kylie, Dropkick Murphy’s, The Beatles & Glee)

About an hour in, I discovered the oven died, so I had to finish some of the batches in the microwave to rather interesting looking results!

Microwaved Cupcakes

Aww. it's a heart

I cleaned up, left the cakes to cool, thanked my unofficial helper with a the honor of licking the spoon

Thanks Mom

This morning was the ultimate task, While the bits we tried last night were MIGHTY tasty, and in spite of my art background… The things I have made in the kitchen in the past… well they look more like something you would eat standing over the sink with a dog staring at you waiting for the bits to fall off. But I knew I had to make them as pretty as possible seeing the disaster with the oven! So I started my trying out my skills as a piper. A big glob of frosting in a ziplock bag, and suddenly, I’m an Irom Chef! Adding my super spiffy chocolate bacon, and they looked good! So I say Cheers  to all of you at the bacon party today, I’ll be thinking of you when I get home from work tonight and sink my teeth into one of these beauties!


Have a Great  #baconparty10 everyone!


Hey lady - next time it's "pupcakes"!


2 thoughts on “What to do when you miss out on the party…

  1. We missed you at the baconfest10. It was bacon-lishous!

    Next year it will be even bigger and badder and you will bet the star of the show with your bacon treasures…!

    you rock

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