“in the cave with the boys”

After many many long month of un, and under employment, today was my first day at my new job!

When I walked in the door this morning and told the receptionist who I was, I was greeted with “Oh! You’re IT. Your gonna be down in the cave with the boys!” Now, I heard this phrase twice more before I actually walked in.  I felt a wee bit nervous  by hearing this comment.

I was walked thru and introduced to the “upstairs” IT guys, then was walked down to “the cave”.  I got to meet the rest of the web team aka: the boys. I feel very fortunate that, (so far – lol) we are a good mesh of people!  I was able to hit the ground running, but starting to study my first client product,  #Supple Beverages, there will be more on that to come, I am sure…

I am happy to say I will be able to stay in the #BBHILL & #NNSMB (well, except for tomorrow). When I asked about my schedule,  I was told “umm. Well you can get in the door by 6am… but, as long as you get your work done…” so it sounds like I have some fantastical flexibility – woo hoo!

Other random things from today

  • I may need to learn to love potato chips – it appears to be the lunch of choice
  • when they do eat lunch, it’s a China buffet
  • my boss it actually pretty cool and low key
  • we have badge only entrances – lets start a pool for what I’ll have to pay in replacments for forgetting
  • Yes, the company I work for does the ShakeWeight website and fulfillment!!!
  •  I think I need either a phone book or a booster seat for my desk chair
  • i’m planning to ‘girlie up’ my little corner of the bat cave – they’ve been warned
  • there is a great need in this world for a “double bold” button
  • there is also an even bigger need for a “you are stupid” button

I can’t wait to see where this takes me!


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