things a new PR Professional learns after week #1

What have I learned in my first week being a Social Media Developer?

The first and most obviously notable thing that I learned is – nobody knows what in the hell I do for a living!  When I tell people that I got a job as a social media developer, they look at me with a big smile – showing that they are happy and supportive  – then they say, as nicely as possible “Oh, social media… what is that?”  I’ve found the quickest and most direct answer is to tell people I Twitter for a living.  That’s the moment when the OOOHH of clarity comes out, and they are truly happy for me.

The next thing that I have come to learn is, when doing the social media for others, that first week, is all about doing your homework. I was assigned my first product .

Lastly, I learned that my job ABSOLUTELY. KICKS. ASS!

I mean seriously, who else can spend her workday connecting to the world in such a fun manner.  Did anyone here just notice the fact that I just used the words “Work” and “fun” together???  I get  to learn and teach and connect all at the same time. I still feel weird that I go into work in the morning and the first 2 thing I do are check my email and log into my Hootsuite dashboard! Anyplace else I’d be looking over my shoulder waiting to get yelled at for being on Facebook – but now… I’m writing Facebook strategy, and contemplating my very first vlog post.

So what did I learn in my first week? I learned when you find a career path you love and enjoy what you do – a little hard work just makes it better!

Thanks Tommy for suggesting my headline, I need to get lots of blogging in, so please everybody, send me a headline title and let’s work on my blog skills!


4 thoughts on “things a new PR Professional learns after week #1

  1. I see that now you can relate to what I do! So much better to actually make a difference and love what you do. Not really work in the same sense most people think of it! Congrats and Kudos to you!

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