50 Things you did not know you wanted to know about me

  1. If  I could only do one thing – it would be travel
  2. I want to learn how to speak – French, Gaelic, Italian, Russian & Greek
  3. I love tv shows about ancient history (thru the French Revolution) and about comparative religion
  4.  One item on my bucket list is to play Ruth in Pirates of Penzance
  5. I have had that show memorized since I was 8
  6.  I read the book “Jemima J” at least twice a year
  7.  Every time  I read “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows” I have to reserve a day for it and read it all at once
  8. I am a wannabe photographer
  9.  I am a terrible driver
  10.  but i sing  like a rock star when i am driving by myself
  11. I have never worn a store-bought Halloween costume, & never will. I LOVE making my  own
  12.  I have a terrible black thumb. I have killed both a chia pet  and a  cactus
  13.  I named the 1 plant I did keep alive (for a while)  Spike. RIP Spike the pothos
  14.  I named a fish Fluffy for the irony (i love   irony)
  15.  My dog is named after my favorite character in my favorite movie (A Christmas Story)
  16. I am definitely 3%  –  5% cuter when i am cold
  17. I love kitsch! I embrace intentional bad taste! (next time you see me – look at my socks)
  18. I have random thoughts that pop into my head and I get sidetracked by them, most of the time it’s a good thing
  19.  I get random songs that pop into my head and don’t go away. most of the time this is a bad thing
  20.  I have had my heart-broken and lived to tell the story.
  21.  My happy place is near a lake or ocean. rivers are an acceptable substitute.
  22.  I startle/frighten easily and react in a way that has caused some of my friends to try & ‘get’ me on purpose
  23.  I got my 1st gray hair at 22
  24.  I look younger than my age – so I’m fine rocking the hair dye
  25.  I try to be a positive presence even though I do admit to frequent wining & venting
  26. I am 4 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon
  27. I rely on spell check like my life depended on it
  28. Despite the amount of pink in my wardrobe – Yellow is my favorite color
  29. My mom’s nick name for me as a little kid was “Sunshine”
  30.  My mom is my best friend
  31.  I don’t speak to my father
  32. I am disturbingly accident prone and klutzy
  33. Despite that, I can be very graceful
  34. I am more shy than you would think
  35. I can not deal with inanimate object that look like they are ‘looking at me’
  36. Birds and squirrels freak me out
  37. I tend to speak without thinking – so I try to stay very quiet in large groups
  38. I like to quote books and movies – and do it frequently
  39. I don’t like to talk on the phone. I only have a small group I will chat with on the phone
  40. I told people in middle school I was named after the Stephen King book. Really my (given) name is for my grandma
  41. I miss my grandmother more than anything
  42. My 1 regret is I did not have the experience of a 4 year college
  43. I have changed so much in the last 11 years – most of you wouldn’t know the old me.
  44. I am stronger than  knew I could be
  45.  I danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly (Thanks Merry!)
  46.  My favorite teddy bear, Fritz is still around on a chair in the corner
  47.  I am a killer player at trivia and word games
  48.  I played a game of trivia pursuit once 3 vs me – and won
  49. I am completely in love with architecture & could stare at ruins or buildings for hours
  50.  50. I love to make lists

 Me – “Say Goodnight, Ralphie”

 Ralphie – “Goodnight Ralphie”


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