Friday 5… on a time delay

Ok, I am very much aware  that today is Saturday, but yesterday I had a great  idea for the Friday 5, just no time to write.

Yesterday was the birthday of P.G. Wodehouse. Thank you @StephenFry for the announcement yesterday to start this whole idea off. My 5 favorite authors;

1. P.G. Wodehouse – let’s start off with the birthday boy!  He wrote many books  but my favorite series was about two guys called Jeeves & Wooster. This bumbling idiot and his butler kept me laughing thru my messy yucky teen years.

2. Peter Mayle – the author of A Year in Provence, made me fall in love with the south of France

3. J.K. Rowling – I read the 1st Harry Potter because I had to for work – the rest out of love!

4. Jane Austen – takes me to another world

5. My all time favorite author …. Dr Suess!

These books formed me as a human. from my mom reading them to me as a child, to learning how to read with them, listening to Dr Suess’ Sleep Book on tape until it wore out, the Dr. made me passionate for words. His books taught me unlimited creativity, the gift i am most thankful for in my life, he tought me it is ok to be “vocabular”.  The Lorax taught me to care about my world, the Cat taught me to enjoy life and the Sneeches taught me it’s ok if I didn’t have a ‘Star upon Thar’. Ukariah tought me that things sometimes look better without glasses on, and the Grinch showed me people can change. I watch every time a Dr Suess cartoon is on, with the same little kid eyes with love.  I give Dr. Suess books as baby gifts hoping that I can give that same love to someone else.  I would normally put a quote here to finish up, but there are sooo many – here is a link  🙂

Well, now I’m off to start my day in a in a Wacky & Wonderful Woosian Suessian Stumbly Bumbly thinkerific kind of  way! And don’t worry, like the Lorax, I’ll be back… someday.



3 thoughts on “Friday 5… on a time delay

  1. You’d get along great with Lindsay! Rowling and Austen are in her top 5, too. Me, I can certainly appreciate Mr. Wodehouse. I am somewhat embarrassed that it took until fairly recently for me to even bother looking him up, and the man’s work is fantastic.

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