Timing is everything.

Wow – it was quite the friendfest this weekend. The combination of a full moon & a trifecta of out-of-town besties  made for quite the experience! As most of the photos are embarrassing and most of the stories are NSFW, today’s blog will be in list format…

The Highlights (& lessons learned)

  • merry & steph were both home! (from FL & OK respectively)
  • i got to meet some quite cool new people
  • it’s totally acceptable to wear slippers to a bar in fremont
  • the banana (trust me – it’s best we leave it at that)
  • sleep is highly overrated
  • i am way too chicken to go on the haunted drive
  • if texting while driving is bad, photography while driving is much worse
  • Fu “is not Oprah. I can text &  drive”
  • 1 sip of the 15% alcohol content whipped cream & i am done.
  • caramel whipped cream in a cider is way tastier then it looks
  • deciding not to have the same drink twice in 1 night only goes so far. after a while you pick 1 & stick to it.
  • a 6 block walk to the next place is not a good idea in heels
  • if you see clodagh & i together in a place w/a jukebox… be prepared to hear the following
  1. total eclipse of the heart (at least 2 or 3 times)
  2. major amounts of michael jackson
  3. at least 1 song by abba and/or cher
  • if it’s just julie picking songs- you will hear some old school country
  • if you are going to poop your pants, expect me to follow you around spraying perfume until you go home & change
  • don’t expect clo & i to play pool
  • julie hates ed hardy
  • how to do a shot like a Marine
  • i will never look at tipping a bartender the same way
  • if you promise to bring some girls back some strawberry pancakes, you should do so!
  • you are an uppercruster. it’s when you comin’ in all smelling like fancy cheese!
  • fu & i are going to start a band called “succulent cheeseburger poo”
  • i apparently drive 40 mph
  • i can not text & drive
  • franks pizza is yum!
  • no matter how tired you are, you go see your besties!

All in all – this weekend rocked! It has me happy as a Giga Pudding kid!


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