For those of you who know me well, I would rather have my teeth extracted then deal with Thanksgiving. There is too much history of sadness and injury over that 4 day weekend.
But here are the things I am thankful for regardless

  • The fact that no one that I love ended up in the hospital
  • The Macy’s parade
  • cooking with mom – I stir
  • the ‘schlurrp’ sound made by canned cranberry jelly
  • getting to go in the fast line at Kohls because I only had 2 items
  • salted caramel hot chocolate while standing in line at 3am
  • playing goofy word games
  • naps!
  • quiet downtown shopping
  • memories of my grandma*
  • seeing old friends
  • unexpected peace treaties with my exboyfriend**
  • having said ex bf allow me to get 1 good punch in***
  • friends who allow me to breakdown every Thanksgiving  & still love me****
  • being strong
  • being allowed to not be
  • friends who will call me at 3am because I need them
  • cupcakes*****
  • having 1 out of 3 Thanksgiving dinners NOT involve turkey!******
  • listening to Mumford and sons in the car
  • caffeine, dayquil, alka-seltzer & ibuprofen
  • The fact that Monica & Aaron have a “laser cat”
  • going back to work on Monday!

*my grandmother passed away at Thanksgiving time in 01

**I still hate what he did, but I no longer want to remove his testicles with a rusty chain saw – so I guess we are friends now

*** my punches are about as strong as a flea’s fart – but it made me feel better!

**** over grandma, even though none of them have ever met her

***** making them, not so much eating them

****** Monica makes pizza for us every year


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