Mmm. This Crow Tastes Delicious


Oh my dear friend Jack, I want to start off by telling you those three little words you have waited so long to hear me say. You were right.* Ugh. Yuck. I can’t believe I said that!

Hello my name is Carrie, and I have a smart phone addiction. Well, to be honest, its more of a reliance really. As I discovered yesterday, without it, I’m all shades of discombobulated!

Two nights ago, I was faced with a communicator’s nightmare. Ok a tad extreme, but some of my apps stopped working. I could not text or Tweet, both vital to my job. In fact, I could & did receive Tweets for a client account, but was unable to reply to them. This is bad news for community management. Something must be done!

This of course happened after the Sprint store’s service center had closed for the night. So Saturday morning I tottled down to the shop (with my bored mother in tow so I’d have someone to keep me company while I waited). The moment I realized that I might have a problem was when I caught myself reaching for my phone at least three times while it was in pieces in front of me.

But it wasn’t just the missing apps I was searching for. I was reaching for my calendar, I wanted to check my bank account, I needed to show my mom a photo, I wanted to jot down notes for this post!

For the hour or so that I was without my little EVO was quite a struggle. Because I couldn’t use it, I felt I needed  to use it. I have become so conditioned to having all my tools as well as access to the internet literally at my fingers 24/7 it was a true struggle to be without! It is not something I am proud of, but after today, I am able to acknowledge it!

To be honest, it was nice having a lazy lunch with mom without the constant interruption of notification chimed, chirps & beeps going off the whole time.
Does this mean I’m ready to unplug when I’m “off the clock”? Doubtful. But will I be able to enjoy a little quite time with my phone on mute?

Yeah, I think so.

But knowing me, it will be on… Just in case.

*Neither the phrase “you were right or any portion of this post  reflect on the Great Twitter Debate in any way. That you have not won.

UPDATE:  This is obviously a subject near & dear – read this post I wrote for the  Thill Blog “Out of Office – Are You Ever Anymore?”


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