Weird Sh!t That Has Happened To Me in 2011 – and other semi fascinating tidbits

• In January, I moved into a haunted house that included the following items:

o One rusty water pump
o One broken Corinthian column
o One gynecological exam chair (no, seriously – see pic)
o Assorted belongings from previous tenant

• I lived in the house a week before my furniture arrived

• I introduced the “Buzzer of Inappropriateness” at work. People get buzzed a lot

• I got a fake husband who I love dearly

• Thing I actually said to a police officer “Well, I suppose. If he had his hand up my ass like that, I’d scream too”

• I got my first Smartphone and a great love affair began

• I marched in the two biggest St Patrick’s Day parades in WI

• Two bands rocked my world “Lonely Island” & “Folk – Irish”

• My (3rd) cousin toured the world performing with Brandon Flowers

• I went to Florida for “workcation” and the following occurred:
o I walked on the beach at sunset
o I rode a Segway
o I dipped my feet in both the Atlantic Ocean & Gulf of Mexico within a 24 hour period
o I ate conch
o I drove over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and did not die (or wet myself)
o I went to Walt Disney World
o I drove from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando
o I got to have lunch with a cousin I had not seen in over a decade

• My upstairs neighbors came with a phone booth

• I spent every possible weekend in Milwaukee

• I carried a sheep

• I was an earlier adapter on both Google+ and Pinterest

• I let my geek flag fly

• I live tweeted Oshkosh Irish Fest

• I got to interview Patrick Murphy from Gaelic Storm

• I became very close friends with someone I never thought I’d be this close to

• I had wicked bad car problems

• I was bitten by a spider but did not gain any Spidey sense

• I drank whiskey with the boys

• I discovered ‘professional tug of war’

• I touched a piper

• I spent the night in a hotel with someone I met online (not as creepy as it sounds)

• I had to block a Twitter creeper (IS as creepy as it sounds)

• I worked out at the gym every M-F in September

• I pulled my hamstring & sprained my ankle (not related to each other or going to the gym)

• I bedazzled my cast & crutches

• I was included as a speaker in a panel talking about social media

• I blogged, a lot… just not here

• I participated in four different walks for the Arthritis Foundation 2 in FL & 2 in WI

• I ran hurling drills for a work video

• I had my heart broken

• I did not have a baby (it may not SOUND like a big deal, but with so many of my dear and dear having babies this year, I consider my self to be highly original)

• I made some AMAZING friends, that I have never met in person

• I have removed some toxic people from my life• I have perfected my official picture pose• I took a profile picture I actually like —- >• I accidentally set my self on fire twice within a few weeks time. (side note: I am not a fan of gas stoves)

My birthday gift in response to the fires....

• I finally had the confidence to wear the gold dress from my CA shopping spree (this dress will henceforth be known as the ‘holster dress’)

• I had an awesome birthday cake made to look like my phone!( thanks Julie)

• I spent Christmas day at the hotel my mom works where she was on duty at the front desk and I wrote this blog

• My mom and I both gave each other hats for Christmas


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