Romancing the Me!

About a year ago, (well – a year ago on St. Patrick’s Day) I won a gift certificate for the “Romance Package” from the Kress Inn in DePere. It has spent the goodly party of this year magnet-ed to my refrigerator waiting to be used. I had been debating on using it, waiting for the perfect romantic weekend opportunity. Well, I think we all know how my love life has been this past year (if not – catch up here) I had been worried I would let it go to waste. Not being the kind of girl who would waste a good freebie – inspiration struck! On 2/28, I would be part of the panel at the nnsmb (New North Social Media Breakfast) that was being held at the Marq in DePere. Eureka! Perfect. I packed my bags (yes. bags. I am a chronic over packer) arranged for a sitter for the puppy and headed up to DePere.

I checked into my amazing room (the executive suite thank you very much) and was greeted by the lifestyle I would like to become accustomed to.  King sized bed, fireplace, whirlpool, champagne & Seroogy’s chocolates!

Walking into this setting wiped away the dorkiness I felt booking the “Romance Package” for me and a night of working. After a couple of hours of work, and some bragging about my situation) I decided it was officially time to de-stress and I did something I rarely allow myself to do – I unplugged. I turned off the computer, closed the iPad and put my phone on silent.

It was time to bubble my stress away.  While I love what I do, and enjoy the extra curricular projects I have been involved in, the stress has been getting to me. To the point of my neck seizing up on me, so this night could not have come at a better time. So  I filled the tub, turned on the bubbles, poured a glass of champagne, opened the candy and did the most “spoil myself” thing I could do: I turned on Bravo & threw away the remote!

Normally, the only time I get to watch it is on the treadmill at the gym, and then I only get 1/2 an episode! Now that I am way more chilled out, I can plug back in and get back to work, breathing much easier.  And by working, I mean sitting fireside in my jammies with my Bed Buddy working out the last bit of bad neck and finishing another glass of champagne. All in all – good night!

So thank you, fine folks at Kress Inn & Bravolebrities!  You rock my socks! Tune in to the nnsmb UStream channel to watch our presentation here.

UPDATE:  I get up on my soap box often about customer service. I am a believer that the experience can be make or break for any place. This morning, I had to get my room re-keyd three times, but the front desk rep, Ben, was awesome about it. The first thing he did was apologize (I understand the situation and was laughing the whole time). He was friendly and helpful the entire time and got me into my room without letting me feel like a fool or treat me like it was my fault. I worked at hotels, you do kind of always assume it’s operator error, you just don’t show it.  Ben made a bad situation a positive and funny one.

Kudos Ben!


My Lust For Lists


My 3 Words


It’s the very first day of a whole new year, and everyone is talking about resolutions. Every December I plot in my head all these grand schemes for self betterment that inevitably fail by Superbowl Sunday.

This year, I am trying something different. Doing something that (hopefully) will work.

If have a strangely split personality when it comes down to organization and achievement. Deep down in my heart of hearts, I’m a control freak. I yearn for structure, habit and control. On the outside, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a flake who is easily distracted by shiny objects.

That is why I love lists: shopping lists, to do lists, packing lists, there is a satisfaction in the crossing off of items. There is an accountability looking at you in the eye when you see the items that are not crossed off.

So this year, my resolution is a small one. To make lists. One list specifically. In my kitchen, next to the door where I will see it every single day, is my board. I have my goals for the week staring at me and waiting to be crossed off.

Time to cross writing this post off the list. Day 1 and my resolution is already a success!

Yay me!

Happy New Year everyone, 2012 is going to be awesome!

Mmm. This Crow Tastes Delicious


Oh my dear friend Jack, I want to start off by telling you those three little words you have waited so long to hear me say. You were right.* Ugh. Yuck. I can’t believe I said that!

Hello my name is Carrie, and I have a smart phone addiction. Well, to be honest, its more of a reliance really. As I discovered yesterday, without it, I’m all shades of discombobulated!

Two nights ago, I was faced with a communicator’s nightmare. Ok a tad extreme, but some of my apps stopped working. I could not text or Tweet, both vital to my job. In fact, I could & did receive Tweets for a client account, but was unable to reply to them. This is bad news for community management. Something must be done!

This of course happened after the Sprint store’s service center had closed for the night. So Saturday morning I tottled down to the shop (with my bored mother in tow so I’d have someone to keep me company while I waited). The moment I realized that I might have a problem was when I caught myself reaching for my phone at least three times while it was in pieces in front of me.

But it wasn’t just the missing apps I was searching for. I was reaching for my calendar, I wanted to check my bank account, I needed to show my mom a photo, I wanted to jot down notes for this post!

For the hour or so that I was without my little EVO was quite a struggle. Because I couldn’t use it, I felt I needed  to use it. I have become so conditioned to having all my tools as well as access to the internet literally at my fingers 24/7 it was a true struggle to be without! It is not something I am proud of, but after today, I am able to acknowledge it!

To be honest, it was nice having a lazy lunch with mom without the constant interruption of notification chimed, chirps & beeps going off the whole time.
Does this mean I’m ready to unplug when I’m “off the clock”? Doubtful. But will I be able to enjoy a little quite time with my phone on mute?

Yeah, I think so.

But knowing me, it will be on… Just in case.

*Neither the phrase “you were right or any portion of this post  reflect on the Great Twitter Debate in any way. That you have not won.

UPDATE:  This is obviously a subject near & dear – read this post I wrote for the  Thill Blog “Out of Office – Are You Ever Anymore?”


For those of you who know me well, I would rather have my teeth extracted then deal with Thanksgiving. There is too much history of sadness and injury over that 4 day weekend.
But here are the things I am thankful for regardless

  • The fact that no one that I love ended up in the hospital
  • The Macy’s parade
  • cooking with mom – I stir
  • the ‘schlurrp’ sound made by canned cranberry jelly
  • getting to go in the fast line at Kohls because I only had 2 items
  • salted caramel hot chocolate while standing in line at 3am
  • playing goofy word games
  • naps!
  • quiet downtown shopping
  • memories of my grandma*
  • seeing old friends
  • unexpected peace treaties with my exboyfriend**
  • having said ex bf allow me to get 1 good punch in***
  • friends who allow me to breakdown every Thanksgiving  & still love me****
  • being strong
  • being allowed to not be
  • friends who will call me at 3am because I need them
  • cupcakes*****
  • having 1 out of 3 Thanksgiving dinners NOT involve turkey!******
  • listening to Mumford and sons in the car
  • caffeine, dayquil, alka-seltzer & ibuprofen
  • The fact that Monica & Aaron have a “laser cat”
  • going back to work on Monday!

*my grandmother passed away at Thanksgiving time in 01

**I still hate what he did, but I no longer want to remove his testicles with a rusty chain saw – so I guess we are friends now

*** my punches are about as strong as a flea’s fart – but it made me feel better!

**** over grandma, even though none of them have ever met her

***** making them, not so much eating them

****** Monica makes pizza for us every year