I Want the Best One

This past Saturday, I took my first wander though the Downtown Appleton Farmers Market.  For me, the first trip is always the best one, when I get to rediscover all the goodness that is freshly picked fruits and veggies along with the most amazing people watching.

I stopped at a booth to buy some sugar snap peas (my Farmers Market MUST have). I was all set to go with my purchase, I was overwhelmed by the scent of fresh picked strawberries. I broke down and had to buy a pint. When the vendor asked what pint  I wanted to choose – that’s when I said it.

“I want the best one”

The words fell out of my mouth (as they normally do), I hadn’t expected to shock him so much.  Now it is Tuesday and  I still am thinking about that comment.

Was it strange that I wanted the best? Wouldn’t you? Did he not expect someone to want to get the best possible strawberries they could?

Have people’s expectations gone so low that they will not ask for what they want?

Think about when you walk into a store – what do you expect the service to be like? Do you go in with visions of smiling, knowledgeable, friendly people who are available? Or do you just hope that the person you are trying to give your hard-earned money to will stop complaining to the cashier next to her long enough for you to get through the transaction?

I hope that I apply my want for the best to more than just summer strawberries.  The more I reflect on that one little phrase “I want the best one” the more I find myself striving to not only want the best, but to be the best. If I expect the best from the strawberry guy – what about me? Am I being the best friend/daughter/granddaughter/employee/coworker/blogger/ etc I can be?

How often have you found yourself “phoning it in” at work on a Friday afternoon? Have you ever hit mute on that phone call because you didn’t feel like talking to anyone? I think this will be my mid-year resolution, to put in that little extra effort (for those of you who know me from my Pierce days – please do your best avoid all 212 references here)

Rant over… time for some strawberries.