an open letter to the guy who slugged me at octoberfest

First of all YOU ARE A TOOL.

I kept my head yesterday and I let you go ahead and take my sandwich, you obviously needed it much more than I did. But do just want to know, did your mother ever tell you it is not all right to hit a girl???  I understand that you were just enjoying your day being drunk off your ass, and you were too blotto and oblivious to the fact that indeed there are other people in  the world, but to behave that way in front of the boy scouts –  Fail.

Again, I say you are a tool.

And to your lovely girlfriend that thought what you did was acceptable – good luck to you honey.

By all means, I have no issues with people  having a drink or two, or hell, even getting drunk. But seriously there is absolutely NO need to become so belligerently drunk where you find violence necessary or amusing.