Mmm. This Crow Tastes Delicious


Oh my dear friend Jack, I want to start off by telling you those three little words you have waited so long to hear me say. You were right.* Ugh. Yuck. I can’t believe I said that!

Hello my name is Carrie, and I have a smart phone addiction. Well, to be honest, its more of a reliance really. As I discovered yesterday, without it, I’m all shades of discombobulated!

Two nights ago, I was faced with a communicator’s nightmare. Ok a tad extreme, but some of my apps stopped working. I could not text or Tweet, both vital to my job. In fact, I could & did receive Tweets for a client account, but was unable to reply to them. This is bad news for community management. Something must be done!

This of course happened after the Sprint store’s service center had closed for the night. So Saturday morning I tottled down to the shop (with my bored mother in tow so I’d have someone to keep me company while I waited). The moment I realized that I might have a problem was when I caught myself reaching for my phone at least three times while it was in pieces in front of me.

But it wasn’t just the missing apps I was searching for. I was reaching for my calendar, I wanted to check my bank account, I needed to show my mom a photo, I wanted to jot down notes for this post!

For the hour or so that I was without my little EVO was quite a struggle. Because I couldn’t use it, I felt I needed  to use it. I have become so conditioned to having all my tools as well as access to the internet literally at my fingers 24/7 it was a true struggle to be without! It is not something I am proud of, but after today, I am able to acknowledge it!

To be honest, it was nice having a lazy lunch with mom without the constant interruption of notification chimed, chirps & beeps going off the whole time.
Does this mean I’m ready to unplug when I’m “off the clock”? Doubtful. But will I be able to enjoy a little quite time with my phone on mute?

Yeah, I think so.

But knowing me, it will be on… Just in case.

*Neither the phrase “you were right or any portion of this post  reflect on the Great Twitter Debate in any way. That you have not won.

UPDATE:  This is obviously a subject near & dear – read this post I wrote for the  Thill Blog “Out of Office – Are You Ever Anymore?”


I Want the Best One

This past Saturday, I took my first wander though the Downtown Appleton Farmers Market.  For me, the first trip is always the best one, when I get to rediscover all the goodness that is freshly picked fruits and veggies along with the most amazing people watching.

I stopped at a booth to buy some sugar snap peas (my Farmers Market MUST have). I was all set to go with my purchase, I was overwhelmed by the scent of fresh picked strawberries. I broke down and had to buy a pint. When the vendor asked what pint  I wanted to choose – that’s when I said it.

“I want the best one”

The words fell out of my mouth (as they normally do), I hadn’t expected to shock him so much.  Now it is Tuesday and  I still am thinking about that comment.

Was it strange that I wanted the best? Wouldn’t you? Did he not expect someone to want to get the best possible strawberries they could?

Have people’s expectations gone so low that they will not ask for what they want?

Think about when you walk into a store – what do you expect the service to be like? Do you go in with visions of smiling, knowledgeable, friendly people who are available? Or do you just hope that the person you are trying to give your hard-earned money to will stop complaining to the cashier next to her long enough for you to get through the transaction?

I hope that I apply my want for the best to more than just summer strawberries.  The more I reflect on that one little phrase “I want the best one” the more I find myself striving to not only want the best, but to be the best. If I expect the best from the strawberry guy – what about me? Am I being the best friend/daughter/granddaughter/employee/coworker/blogger/ etc I can be?

How often have you found yourself “phoning it in” at work on a Friday afternoon? Have you ever hit mute on that phone call because you didn’t feel like talking to anyone? I think this will be my mid-year resolution, to put in that little extra effort (for those of you who know me from my Pierce days – please do your best avoid all 212 references here)

Rant over… time for some strawberries.

“Out of Office” Are You Really Ever Anymore?

It’s 5 a.m. and the alarm clock starts blaring, I drag my hand to the nightstand and lift the screaming black bit of plastic. I drag the bar down to stop the sound and look at the phone screen staring back at me. A green light blinks at me from the upper left hand corner and a line of icons beckon me to read them. One by one, before I even put on my glasses, I check each account. Before I know it, the second alarm goes off. I stop the bell, put my glasses on and get out of bed to start my day.

Sound familiar?

E-mail, smartphones, texting, Skype, webinars, Slideshare, Twitter, Facebook, airplane wi-fi, the way technology is going, “9-5” will only be a memory of a Dolly Parton song (and movie, I happen to be a big fan). The question I have is: when are you “at work”? I (and I am positive most of you who are reading this right now) always have my phone with me and on. I check my Twitter feed while I am walking the dog, post status updates on Facebook as they occur IRL, I have even checked my email while I was in line for a ride at Disney World, I am writing this on a Saturday while I have a little downtime at a music festival.


This is a reality that people who are salaried employees have been used to for quite some time now, but technology is making it the norm for everyone now. The constant connectivity is something that took a while to get used to, but now, well – that is something you will hear about from me soon enough….


But tell me – is there a line you don’t cross? When do you log off, tune out and shut down? I’d love to hear from you, please comment below.


Warm Fuzzies – Christmas Edition

We just had our first real snowfall of the season. Now go outside and shovel and when you come back in I’ll have some great warm and fuzzy memories for you, and maybe even some hot coco.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…..









All done? Good, put another log on the fire, a candy cane in your coco, sit back & enjoy

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From the Thill Blog (5QF)

Five Question Friday is a weekly interview I do at work with employees of Thill Logistics, Inc. on the Thill Blog. I was home sick this last Friday, so I had no one to interview but myself. …

Five Question Friday has a minor change this week, owing to my being out sick from work yesterday, looks like I’m the only one around to interview. And there is a bonus question since you had to wait!

It’ s time to learn a little more about the people here at Thill Logistics. The Friday 5 has now become, 5 Question Friday. The idea is based on the website Formspring and the classic Bernard Pivot questionnaire, just imagine that I am holding my blue index cards and asking the questions in a soothing James Liptonesque tone. The format is simple, five questions. The first 4 will stay constant, (3 work related questions and 1 from Pivot) but the 5thquestion… that is up to you! Please comment and send in questions here on the Thill Blog, or send them to me via Formspring to carrieatthill.

Here are my 5 questions for Me!

What is your role at Thill Logistics? I am the Social Media Developer

How did you get into your field? I had been using social media for a while when I started managing the accounts for a pub, a Realtor & an accountant.  When I saw a “real job” in social media, here at Thill Logistics, Inc. I had to jump at the opportunity!

What is your favorite thing about your field? I love that it is a new field. Everything….

click HERE for the full interview with myself on The Thill Blog

For a virtual visit of Thill Logistics, Inc. click HERE

Do Not Open Until Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I was not intending to send out Christmas cards this year, but like every other year of my life… I end up deciding  to do so at the last-minute.  This year, I thought  I would try something new and different, using the mad skills I have picked up along the way this year.

I just want to wish a Merry Christmas to you all. I wish you and yours all the best that the holidays can offer! I hope for 2011 is the best year yet for you all.

Ralphie & I did set out, in the beginning to take a sweet family portrait and do a little video of our Christmas wishes for you all. But, you know what they say… never work with kids or animals. Here’s what we ended up with….

To my friends near & far – have a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!

I wish for you peace, love & glitter shoes

xox – carrie



For those of you who know me well, I would rather have my teeth extracted then deal with Thanksgiving. There is too much history of sadness and injury over that 4 day weekend.
But here are the things I am thankful for regardless

  • The fact that no one that I love ended up in the hospital
  • The Macy’s parade
  • cooking with mom – I stir
  • the ‘schlurrp’ sound made by canned cranberry jelly
  • getting to go in the fast line at Kohls because I only had 2 items
  • salted caramel hot chocolate while standing in line at 3am
  • playing goofy word games
  • naps!
  • quiet downtown shopping
  • memories of my grandma*
  • seeing old friends
  • unexpected peace treaties with my exboyfriend**
  • having said ex bf allow me to get 1 good punch in***
  • friends who allow me to breakdown every Thanksgiving  & still love me****
  • being strong
  • being allowed to not be
  • friends who will call me at 3am because I need them
  • cupcakes*****
  • having 1 out of 3 Thanksgiving dinners NOT involve turkey!******
  • listening to Mumford and sons in the car
  • caffeine, dayquil, alka-seltzer & ibuprofen
  • The fact that Monica & Aaron have a “laser cat”
  • going back to work on Monday!

*my grandmother passed away at Thanksgiving time in 01

**I still hate what he did, but I no longer want to remove his testicles with a rusty chain saw – so I guess we are friends now

*** my punches are about as strong as a flea’s fart – but it made me feel better!

**** over grandma, even though none of them have ever met her

***** making them, not so much eating them

****** Monica makes pizza for us every year

Practical Uses for Impractical Shoes

It was love at first sight. I had never felt this way before, my heart skipped as I traced the hard outline with my finger. It was rough and beautiful all at the same time, and when I took it in my hand, I knew it had to be mine forever. It was – a 5″ platform, glitter stiletto. (where was your mind just then? Dirty!)

I first saw the fabulousness that is now affectionately known as my Glitter Tranny Shoes, I knew I wanted them. I don’t normally covet things in such a manner, but those, oh hell yes I did! I was at Kohl’s shopping with my friend Nicki for some boots for her, when I saw the heels isle. I had to check it out. I tried them on while wearing my fuzzy pink socks and have never felt more fierce! Or tall! Me being the klutzy goofball we all know and love, stood in them long enough for a photo-op – and then put them back. The were. impractica$@%^ sorry, I died a little there when I said that word.  I don’t know at what point in my life I was forced to grow up and acknowledge that glittery shoes that I can’t walk in are something I should not own… but I don’t like that particular point in history. So, I put them back on the shelf and carried on about the rest of my night (texting, Facebooking and all around fixating on those shoes). Over the next week or so, not only did I show the photo to everyone who would look & talk about them non stop – I also visited them every time I was near a Kohls!

This past weekend, my mom and  I were shopping and I was visiting them at Kohls (again).  I was even able to muster a enough steps to admire them in a mirror! That’s when my mommy said “Why don’t you just buy them as a ‘new job gift to yourself’ and shut up about them!” BRILLIANT! I took them home that very day. 

As I will most likely never be able to wear them anyplace  I have to walk (or stand) I have made a list of uses for the Glitter Tranny Shoes to further validate my purchase!

  • Disco/Mirror ball enhancers
  • Help short people’s feet  reach the floor at restaurants
  • Defense against muggers, zombies, pirates and other such monstrous villainy*
  • Doggy butt scratchers
  • Lawn aeration
  • Walking the dog or taking out the trash in style
  • Wear on those days when you just have “That not-so-fierce feeling”
  • Brightening up the “Web Cave”

*Safety note – do not wear GTS to run away from such marauders as you will only sprain your ankle allowing them to get you!

What have I missed? If you have ideas on other uses for the GTS… post them here – I would LOVE to hear them 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!


Timing is everything.

Wow – it was quite the friendfest this weekend. The combination of a full moon & a trifecta of out-of-town besties  made for quite the experience! As most of the photos are embarrassing and most of the stories are NSFW, today’s blog will be in list format…

The Highlights (& lessons learned)

  • merry & steph were both home! (from FL & OK respectively)
  • i got to meet some quite cool new people
  • it’s totally acceptable to wear slippers to a bar in fremont
  • the banana (trust me – it’s best we leave it at that)
  • sleep is highly overrated
  • i am way too chicken to go on the haunted drive
  • if texting while driving is bad, photography while driving is much worse
  • Fu “is not Oprah. I can text &  drive”
  • 1 sip of the 15% alcohol content whipped cream & i am done.
  • caramel whipped cream in a cider is way tastier then it looks
  • deciding not to have the same drink twice in 1 night only goes so far. after a while you pick 1 & stick to it.
  • a 6 block walk to the next place is not a good idea in heels
  • if you see clodagh & i together in a place w/a jukebox… be prepared to hear the following
  1. total eclipse of the heart (at least 2 or 3 times)
  2. major amounts of michael jackson
  3. at least 1 song by abba and/or cher
  • if it’s just julie picking songs- you will hear some old school country
  • if you are going to poop your pants, expect me to follow you around spraying perfume until you go home & change
  • don’t expect clo & i to play pool
  • julie hates ed hardy
  • how to do a shot like a Marine
  • i will never look at tipping a bartender the same way
  • if you promise to bring some girls back some strawberry pancakes, you should do so!
  • you are an uppercruster. it’s when you comin’ in all smelling like fancy cheese!
  • fu & i are going to start a band called “succulent cheeseburger poo”
  • i apparently drive 40 mph
  • i can not text & drive
  • franks pizza is yum!
  • no matter how tired you are, you go see your besties!

All in all – this weekend rocked! It has me happy as a Giga Pudding kid!