Reasons I Sucked at My First Attempt at Yoga but WILL Do it Again Tomorrow

So, I have been writing for Supple about joint pain for over a year now and suffering from my own issues for longer than that. One of the biggest things I have learned in this time, is the importance of moving and exercise. The practice of yoga has been spoken of as one of the better exercises for people with arthritis and other forms of joint pain.

For me, 2012 is the year of “practice what I preach” and it is getting off to a fine start. I have already started working on the Kitchen Challenge with my Twitterfriend Peachy.

My satellite package includes a few preview channels every month and this month, it included Veria a health and fitness channel featuring a show called“Yoga for Life”. Today, I gave it a try.

Now down to the list of why my first try was such a comedy of errors:

  • I have wood floors & no yoga mat – I blame up to 30% of my falling down to this
  • My dog thinks that if I am on the floor, its time to play. – Because Ralphie coming at me with a slobberd up decapitated stuffed lobster is TOTALLY zen
  • I am a 100% complete & utter klutz – um… duh
  • I can’t breathe, concentrate and balance all at the same time – My mind would also wander off to places unknown. I also tended to talk back to the host when I got frusterated
  • I kept getting my lefts & rights mixed up – no comment
  • I have NO sense of balance what so ever. -um, yeah

And the three reasons why I’ll be back at it again tomorrow:

  • I am impossibly stubborn
  • Despite the confusion, the falling down, the swearing when I messed up…. I feel great!
  • I have a killer downward dog – yeah! Suck it stand on one foot with the other foot behind your ear pose

While the lists are still not balanced, I’m not giving up! I feel a strange confidence knowing that I’m just going to get back up on the horse and do it again tomorrow. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking any public yoga classes anytime soon. ;)

So stay tuned I’ll keep posting on my progress!

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