Well, Just Swash My Buckle

While reading about the weekend passing of Bob Anderson I realized he is quite possibly single-handedly responsible for my fascination with the world of fencing.

Sword Fighting
Light Saber (ing)

Just extreme awesomeness!

I have always wanted to learn how to wield a sword (pronounced Sa-Ward since childhood, because I’m cool like that)

I just love it! The grace and agility of two people gliding back and forth in an elegant dance of danger… My earliest Hollywood heels came from Star Wars and The Pirates of Penzance. The ‘clink’ of metal on metal (or the hum of light on light) excites me. It will always be my fight scene of choice.

Every foot step placed, every move of the head, flick of the wrist, every thrust of the sword, has a flow to it that I just can’t take my eyes off. The scene in Princes Bride is my favorite. The way Inigo Montoya & “the Man in Black” move across the ground and the rocks makes an ungraceful girl like me green with envy.

As I child, I would always “play swords” if I was ever lucky enough to get my hands on an empty cardboard roll from paper toweling or gift wrap. I would run about attacking the walls or stuffed animals or the cat. To this very day, if I’m given the right shaped object, I bust out my “Star Wars Pose”. I have also been known to have a go if I happen to find a toy sword in my hand.

Because of the elegance of the sport, I grew up with the thought (and please don’t women’s lib me on this one, I was a kid) I thought it was ‘ok’ to do as a girl, guns were boy toys, but there were women pirates wielding swords for centuries.

When I was in my teens, this belief was further proven to be correct when MTV featured a female cast member on its series The Real World who was a champion fencer. Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro is another great example of a female Swashbuckler. If I ever decided to take on the double life of a superhero, I would be one of the Zorro variety

Learning how to fence is on my bucket list, if any of you are interested in doing it with me, let me know!

*My extreme lack of grace has also had me eternally longing to be a ballerina. But that’s a blog for another day

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